In December 2012, God put it in Pastor Nubar Muradyan’s heart to anoint cups of water and offer them to members in the church so that whoever is sick and needs healing can drink the water and receive their healing by faith.

Here are the miracles that took place within the congregation:

 Pastor Susana: 

“Early in the morning before church, I was having very bad stomach pains. When Pastor Nubar announced what the water in the cups were for, I went forth to drink the water and receive my healing. By the time I walked back to my seat in church, all the pain was gone.”

Sister Elizabeth:

“Before Pastor Nubar even announced what the water in the front of the church was for, I went and drank a cup of that water. Earlier that day, my feet were hurting so much that I couldn’t even wear high heels. I had to wear flat shoes to church. When the pastor later announced that the water was anointed and whoever drank it would be healed, I noticed that the pain from my feet were all gone. I’ve had no more feet pain since then.”

Sister Flower:

“I was not feeling well for a while but as soon as I drank the water, I received my healing.”